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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Review: Heaven Help Heidi

Heaven Help Heidi
Sally John
Harvest House Publishers
Copyright 2015

Everyone see's Heidi Hathaway as a typical So Cal woman her friends say she is so typical she has become a cliche.  Soon an accident leaves Heidi broken in body.  About a month after the accident Heidi is still struggling and then she meets Piper, Piper is a real estate agent who is temporarily renting Heidi a cottage until she is more on her feet and can go back to her Condo, Heidi finds it strange though that Piper prays before renting to a tenant, although Heidi can use all the prayers she can get.

Soon Heidi finds herself battling PTSD and an addiction to pain pills after the accident because she only wants to forget that her life is falling apart she wants to pretend her life is not falling apart.  

Soon Heidi discovers her limp is not going away and her friends do there best to encourage her to accept it and be thankful it was not worse the accident very nearly killed her.

Will Heidi learn to accept what happened to her in the accident?  Will she comes to terms with her limitations?

Will Heidi come to realize that there are others who hurt far worse than she does?

Will she find true joy?

Find out and pick up a copy of Heaven Help Heidi you won't regret it.

Five out of five stars...

Happy Reading Friends...

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