Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: In God We Trust

In God We Trust?

A Challenge to American Evangelicals
Patrick Nachtigall
Warner Press
Pub Date   Jan 5 2015

This book is a call to American Evangelicals a reminder that America was founded on the freedom of religion.  This book also points out that although many look at the United States as the wealthiest nation some nations like China have more income per capita but they also have lower living standards.  And the author also points out the issues of the "prosperity gospel " but it also points out the fact that the American Church is often generous offering food and shelter to the down and out.

We are told to be warned about those who claim to know when the world is going to end because they cannot know the day or the hour only God himself knows.  It is also pointed out that American Evangelicals are called to spread the gospel around the world.

This book was both well written sand well researched and was full of interesting facts and figures.  

Four out of five Stars...

Happy Reading Friends...

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