Monday, February 20, 2012

This World I Live In

Another, busy week, but the writing has been good, at this rate I may have Finding Star ready well before deadline, and that is awesome.
When the boys come over, I generally give them a little computer time, if they are good, so here they are yesterday, I got my word count in, despite the boys getting an hour each on the computer, and I am thankful for that.

The weather was beautiful today, so we took a walk, and I am glad we did.  It felt more like April than February, but that is the way it has been lately.  We have gotten a little rain this winter, which is a good thing, but I sure do enjoy a sunny day when we can walk with the boys and the dogs, its awesome.

I am not only working on Finding Star, I also am working on What A Daughter Learns, and plan on looking into writing a cozy mystery for Heartsong presents, at least getting the idea for one.. I think that would be awesome.  I read a lot of Heart Song mysteries so its not like I am unfamiliar with them...

I was saddened about Whitney Houston, so sad, I hate seeing so many people, so many talented singers, actresses, actors, falling into drugs and alcohol and ultimately killing themselves far before their time.  It's heartbreaking when you think about it...

I have been playing around on Klout and am trying to figure that out, and Pinterest, but I think I have Pinterest about mastered LOL!! Not to mention Facebook LOL!!  But hey it's the social networking age, and it is not like I am sitting at the computer twenty four seven, I get out and do things as well!! I enjoy going for walks, and am glad when the weather allows it.

God Bless

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