Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Writers Life, This Writers Reality Check

First of all let me take a moment to wish my Mother a happy 61st birthday.  I hope she is enjoying it!!!

Secondly I must say I am work hard on my Camp Nano project and am soon going to hit 33k.  I believe I will make it to fifty k by the end of the month!! Wohoo.

This month has been full of its ups and downs, to say that some parts of it have been difficult is most definitely an understatement but like always the good Lord sees us through, and soon my place will be ready wohoo!!!

I am going to be working more seriously on my writing from now on, moving on my own and paying rent has waken me up to the reality that I really need to work at this, if I plan on eeking out any kind of living from my words.  I do not have any visions of grandeur.  I doubt I will make as much money as Danielle Steel from writing, but enough to cover the basics would be nice LOL!!!

I get some income, but I do have dreams of making it as a writer, like I said I do not expect to be the next Danielle Steel, but I am a writer, and I believe a competent one so I am going to do my best to make sure that I treat this like a real job, because in every sense it is that.  Others may not see it as such but I do.

We have got a decent internet connection now, thankfully our little community has made the leap into the twenty first century and now has Cable internet, and I must say I love it LOL!!!

Well I guess I better get back to writing, June's Camp Nano novel I mean!  I will blog again soon!!!

God Bless


  1. Good for you! That wake-up call is harsh isn't it?

    I used to think once published I'd have tons of money. Not true. I have to keep writing to have any money.

  2. Thank you so much for Diana it is a harsh wake up call, but necessary for sure!!!
    In Christs Love