Saturday, June 9, 2012

In the Life of This Writer

Hard to believe it's been about six weeks since my last blog.  I know I promised to blog more regularly than this, but life gets in the way sometimes, big time!
School is out for the summer, little man graduated Kindergarten, and big brother is going into sixth grade.  In fact his Mamma just told me he gets an award next week for not missing any school, think that is awesome!
I have been up to other things as well, like moving, that type of thing, and now we may be getting custody of my Nephew Steven, long story there, but if it's the Lord will I believe it will happen.
I don't know about my fellow authors but I am doing June's Camp Nano and may do Augusts as well.  I have a pretty good idea mapped out for August and am now at over 16k on June's so yeah I am pretty pleased with my progress.
I guess I better close this blog, and try to call it a night, but for some reason sleep is a mere illusion tonight.

God Bless

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