Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Set the Fire Inside of You?

Do you remember the first time you dreamed of writing, what set that fire inside of you?  For me I guess writing was a natural progression because I was always a reader, always looking for a good book.  I devoured them the way some children devoured Candy.

It was my freshman year in high school though that I was first encouraged to write creatively.  I had a wonderful teacher who I remember to this day, one who was always giving me extra credit work, not necessarily because I needed to bring up my grade, but because she saw a creative mind at work, and she even encouraged me to send my work off.  For a fourteen-fifteen year old freshmen that was a huge compliment, and I was determined to make her proud.

I am a seven time published author now, but I no longer have the grandeur of great fame made from my words, and I suppose I never really did, to me it was always about telling a story, creating something that could touch others, and bring them to the Lord.

I began writing three and a half years before I was saved, but after I was saved my writing not only grew, it changed.  I was no longer writing simply to tell a story, I was writing to share with others the joy in my life, the joy I found in the Lord. 
I am not only a writer now, I am an author, and the joy I felt when my first book was published was not diminished when I recently published my seventh, though I know better the realities of what I face.  I know that others look to me for advise, and want my opinions and I know too that sometimes others blame me for the mistakes they make, but that is true with anybody.  We all have faced that, so instead of focusing on that, I focus on that Fire that was set inside of me, all those years ago!!

God Bless

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