Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Review: I Can't Begin to Tell You

I Can't Begin to Tell You
Elizabeth Buchan
Penguin Books (UK)Michael Joseph
Pub Date   Aug 28 2014

This book opens up in November of 1942 in a Danish Estate.  Kay Eberstern was British born but finds herself caught up in Hitlers war.  Kay has some affections for Germany because her children have German blood flowing in them but she does not agree with Hitlers evil ways nor does she understand why they are being sold out to the Germans.

I Can't Begin to Tell You is the story of survival through World War Two of a young woman refusing to give into the way of life an evil man Hitler. This is a story about a time and place in history that was not only deadly for the Jewish but for anyone who dared to point out how wrong Hitler was or for anyone who did not fit his idea of a so called perfect Aryan life was deadly for anyone who dared to be difficult. 

I Can't Begin to Tell You is a very well written and researched novel giving us an intense read that made me feel as if I was looking in on the characters and feeling what they felt.  

Five out of five stars...

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