Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: The Secret Place

The Secret Place
Tana French
Viking Adult
Pub Date   Sep 2 2014

This book opens with the police looking into a cold case the murder of a sixteen year old boy.  This is the story of a young boys murder, several girls are questioned about who put a card on Chris Harpers grave claiming to know who killed him.  Digging into the case of Chris Harpers murder they discover that he may have raped a girl.  The young woman named Selena was raped several weeks before Chris was murdered.  Deeper investigation shows that Selena was not raped by Chris, but could have someone thought she was and killed Chris in order to protect her?

If you like novels that leave you guessing until the very end then you will want to read Tana French's The Secret Place, this is a book geared towards adults though and do to the language and subject matter that needs to be kept in mind.

I give this novel four out of five stars.

Happy Reading...

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