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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Tolkien How an Obscure Oxford Professor Wrote The Hobbit and Became the Most Beloved Author of the Century
Devin BrownAbingdon Press
Abingdon Press
Pub Date   Oct 21 2014

This is a brief but well written biography of Tolkien.   It shows how he was able to go from an obscure Oxford Professor to one of the best loved authors of all time.

I love the way this book allows us to get a glimpse into Tolkiens life and his work.  We learn The Hobbit may have been published by accident but it would become a happy accident for Fans of the Hobbit. 

I would recommend that if you are a fan of Tolkien you should read this book to learn more about how he got his start.

Five out of five Stars for a well written biography

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