Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review : A Light In The Wilderness

A Light In the Wilderness
A Novel

Jane Kirkpatrick



Pub Date Sep 2 2014

Letitia is a former slave who was freed in 1842.  She soon learns that in Missouri freed blacks are often despised.  She plans on going to Oregon where she can be given a new start.  Before settling in Oregon Letitia marries a white man.  They cannot tell others that they are married though. 

  Letitia and Davey find themselves having to keep watch over their stuff because it seems that someone is after their prized milking cow.  When Davey ends up replacing the nearly empty flour barrell instead of filling the old one he inadvertently looses Letitias freedom papers.

Before they make it to Oregon and get settled in Letitia gives birth to a daughter.  But soon they are settling into Life in Oregon and for the first time Letititia truly starts feeling free.  Soon Letitia makes friends with a Native American woman and her young Son.

This is a stry of a former slave who slowly learns that true freedom is also found when you can find joy within yourselves, it is a story of struggles but also of overcoming sgainst all odds.  

I give this novel five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading...

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