Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Center of God's Will?

I was having issues with my health last night, mainly pain, in my lower back and Kidney areas, so because I could not sleep, I found myself doing a little reading, and one of those books was a Beth Moore book, and this quote just popped out at me, kind of like a spiritual slap on the face I guess...Not all hardship is caused by sin. sometimes difficulty comes smack dab in the center of Gods will. Beth Moore

I was having one of those why me moments the other day, because the pain level was so great, and the fact is I am no stranger to pain, my pain tolerance is fairly high.  I live with Myopathy and a Neuromuscular disorder but this was more intense than anything I had ever felt, it kept me awake for a good portion of the night, I found myself crying out, even angry at God.  I tried to serve him, I did my best to live the Christian life, oh the good Lord knows I am not perfect I tried, but the pain, wow the pain.  At that moment I felt like the only one in pain.

I am sure none of you have ever felt that way.  You are all strong Christians, who have never asked the Lord why right?

It was a night later when that quote from Beth Moore came at me, reminding me of God's will for my life, and to remind me that I am not the only one who struggles, who has her physical problems, I am not perfect but I serve a perfect Lord, and despite the pain I lead a blessed life.

I am only human though, and I have been accused of having some kind of Pollyanna complex, and the truth is I try to remain positive, but I am not some kind of Super Christian who goes through life without troubles or tribulations.

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