Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: At Peace In The Storm

At Peace In The Storm
Ken Gire
Copyright 2014

Gire Opens up reminding us how when something goes wrong in our life, a life altering diagnosis or whatever the case may be we spend hours researching the subject, and trying to educate ourselves...It's understandable that we want to do what we can to still the waters...

Gire peppers this book with stories of Christians who have faced life changing trials, like Catherina Marshall who was given a Tubercolis Diagnosis in the 1940's, and it reminds us of the search for peace amidst these life changing events.  We are reminded too in this book that during our struggles, the Lord will use friends as well as Strangers, and our Christian brothers and sisters to help us through the trials.  

We are reminded too that the Lord will use His Word of course, but uplifting movies, and books to help us through these times of struggle too.  When we are going through the valleys we do not have to feel alone, because the Lord is always with us.

Five Stars for a book that will help you through your valleys...

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