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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: Get Happy

Get Happy
Mary Armato
Copyright 2014

In this Young Adult Novel

This story opens up on Minerva's sixteen birthday, and she is disappointed  because instead of a Ukulele she gets a sweater from her Mom and a twenty dollar bill from her Aunt.  The next day Minerva goes to school and opens a package she believes to be from her Father, the Father she has never known, but she had not wanted to open it in front of her Mother.  Inside is a letter wishing her a Happy Sixteenth birthday, and a Sea Horse, he also tells her now that she is sixteen he would like to meet her, if she is up to it.  She nearly does not go to the audition later that day but her friend Finnegan insists  that they go.

Get Happy is a story of a young girl discovering who she is, a young girl who is determined to make a way for herself doing what she loves to do, making music.  It's a story of self discovery as well as discovering things about those that you love perhaps things you would rather not know.

Get Happy is  wonderful book for the young adult reader...Five Stars...

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