Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Review: Hidden Like Anne Frank

Hidden Like Anne Frank
Marcel Prins,  Peter Henk Steenhuis, Translator Peter Watkinson
Copyright 2014

It's Holocaust Era Europe and throughout the continent, Jews are being hidden, by their neighbors their family and friends throughout the continent.  Some of these people were well meaning but others treated these children like they were less than human.  

Parents were seperated from their children, siblings from their sisters and brothers, entire families were displaced in hopes of saving at least someone.  In some cases entire families were hidden togeter, unfortunately that was not always the case.

Sadly though some of these children were treated more like prisoners than they were children, some were even beat if they dared called out for their parents.

Everyone of the children in this book suffered inner scars from their time in hiding.  

Hidden Like Anne Frank is a compliation of fourteen stories of those who were Hidden during the Holocaust but unlike Anne Frank they survived...

Five Stars...

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