Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth
Copyright 2014
Steve Berger

Between Heaven and Earth opens up talking about the Apostle Paul's desire for Heaven and what I believe should be our desire as well.   Our ultimate goal as Christians should of course be that Heavenly Reunion with our Savior.

The book is full of wonderul Biblical references of Heaven as well Phillipians 3: 20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ."  Our focus should of course be our relationship with Christ, and ultimately getting to Heaven.

This book reminds of five imporant facts, that I think sometimes we tend to forget the first being

1.) Death is inevitable....We are all going to face death.

2.) Heaven isn't Automatic.

3.)Hell is Real...

4.)God loves you...

5.)You Must Be Born Again...

Between Heaven and Earth reminds us that our best day on earth pales in comparisson to what Heaven will be like, Berger also points out that in no way is Heaven boring.  

We are reminded too that Heaven is where we will be fully , where the sickenss, disease and disabilities that we dealt with on earth are released.

The fact is we face a lot of pain on this earth, but if we are born again when we die and go to Heaven, that pain and hearteak will not be something we have to endure.  Heaven is a place of healing...A place without the heartbreaks we face here on earth.

Berger also reminds us that not only do we need to ask for Forgivness, but we need to receive it as well.

This book woud be a great addition to your library...Five Stars...

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