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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review: Life Behind the Silence

Life Behind the Silence
Gina Azizah

Copyright 2013

This book is the authors journey from a dysfunctional childhood in a Muslim country, dealing with subjects such as adverse poverty...She speaks of a time when she was only eleven and her Father tries to stab her, thankfully she is able to escape him. Finally her parents divorce, and for a short time she feels safer, but it does not really make life a whole lot easier for her.

There were times in her later teenage years that she headed to England with one of her brothers, but did not really contact anyone else in her family.  

In this ook Gina talks about how she studied by the light of the moon sometimes, because her family had no electricity.

In 2006 Gina goes back to Malaysia and see's her Father for the first time in over twenty years.  She is shocked when the man who abused her ends up giving her a hug, but the truth is she does not know how to feel.  

The book allows us to glimpse into one woman's life, a life of childhood abuse, but more than that this is a story of overcoming abuse, and of making a life for herself.  It is a story of forgiveness of overcoming so much, and of one young woman's determination...

Well written book... Five Stars...

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