Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Review: Angels Walking

Angels Walking
Karen Kingsbury
Copyright 2014

Kingsbury opens up this novel with a meeting of Angels who are on a mission to battle for a young baseball players and a young woman's very heart and soul.

The two Angels chosen for this mission were Beck and Ember.

Tyler Ames has been playing baseball since he was four.  A back injury, public drunkeness and poor choices ruin his carrer and his public persona.

Sami Dawson loves her job as an assistant at the prestigious marketing firm Finkel and Schmidt in Santa Monica.  

Angels Walking is a powerful novel that deals with some tough subjects but deals with them in such a manner that you are compelled to read on.

Sami and Tyler had a relationship when they were younger and soon Sami finds herself having to fly to Tylers hometown to mret with a client.

This novel will take you on a Spiritual journey of just how powerful forgivenes is and just how the Lord uses Angels even today.

Follow me on this Angelic journey in Angels Walking.

I give this novel five out of five stars...

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