Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review: Rory's Promise

Rory's Promise
Michaela MacColl, Rosemary Nichols
Copyright 2014

Rory made a promise to her Mother before she died that dhe would help take care of her sister Violet. When there Mother dies the Children are taken to the Foundling Hospital.

Soon Rory is mistaken for a thief by a policeman and taken into custody when shevtries to tell them she belongs to the nuns at the foundling hospital they think she is lying.

But the Sister comes to rescue her and is not pleased with the way she was treated by the Police.  

Soon Rory learns that the Nuns have found a home for her Sister and she wants the best for her sister so she does her best to encourage her sister.

When Vi gets on a train to go to a family in Arizona Rory sneaks on the train to make sure her sister is given a good home.

This is a wonderful book for young adult readers or anyond who has an interest in the Orphan Trains for that matter.  I givd this book five out of five stars..

Happy Reading...

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