Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Review: Betrayed by God

Betrayed by God?
Making Sense of Your Expectations
Shana Schutte
Copyright 2010

One thing that struck me early on in Betrayed by God is when Schute says that Gods plan involves blending her emotions with Gods truth.

Another Analogy that stuck with me is when she compared to how when we feel betrayed by God our heart becones like that garden that is overtaken by weeds.

We are reminded that in order to avoid believing the deception that we are betrayed by God we need to remain grounded in God's Word.

We are reminded too that allowing ourselves yo believe God has Betrayec us is an open window for letting Satan in.

I highly recommend this book be added to your library if you have ever allowed yourself to feel Betrayed by God.

Five out of Five Stars..

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