Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Review: Choose Love

Choose Love
The Three Simple Choices That Will Alter the Course of Your Life
Stormie Omaritian
Copyright 2014

I was excited to receive Choose Love by Stormie Omartian through netgalley for my honest review.  I have read many of Stormie Omartians books over the years so it was my honor to be able yo review this book.

Choose Love reminds us that growing in Christ living in his love is a continual growing practice. We are reminded of the importance of being grounded in Gods word as well as Gods wisdom especially when we are making choices that will affect others.

This book reminds us of three simple choices that will change our lives the first being not only tonunderstand Gods love but to open up and receive it, the second choice we need to make is to deliberately choose to ecpress our love for God in response to his love for us.  The third reminder is yo love others in a way that pleases God.  We are reminded that if we choose to not walk with Godand continue in that way we will be cutting ourselves off from the lifesource.

I give this book five out of five stars..

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