Sunday, July 6, 2014

Book Review: A Beauty So Rare

A Beauty So Rare
Tamera Alexander
Copyright 2014

This book takes us back to mid to late ninteenth century it opens up in 1864 when Eleanor is nursing injured soldiers in the civil war.

By 1868 Eleanor is dealing with her Fathers failing health and ends up having to take him somewhere where he can get The help he needs when it gets to be to much for her.

Eleanor is shocked when she goes to visit her Father and half the time he thinks she is a little girl who is being mouthy and threatens to take a strap to her.  She does not understand her Fathers decline or what is happening to him.

Soon things start looking up though when she finds she may have a suitor a man named Marcus.

So come on and travel with me back to the 1860s and meet Eleanor and Marcus, and so many others.  

Five out of five stars for a well written and well researched novel.

Happy reading friends...

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