Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come and Gone

So we are ten days into 2012 hard to believe isn't it?  Another year has come and gone.  Is it just me or does time seem to move faster as you get older?  I turned thirty four the day after thanksgiving and the realization hit me that in six more years I would be forty.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not one who thinks forty somehow makes you old, but it does mean I will have lived four decades.  I know I am not their yet, but in a few years Lord willing I will be, and I am so grateful for that.

I continue to write, though at times the whole process can be a very trying thing.  Anyone who says writers block is non existence, obviously never has it, and no with me it is not the lack of ideas, but often the abudance of them that get me, still spending time with the kids, and friends, doing non writing related things does help from time to time, and now I find myself contributing to a Christian website more and more, so i have even more reason to write, and I want to revamp What A Daughter Learns and see where that takes me, and I have worked on another segment of Finding Star, that story is the hardest one to tell, because it delves into heartbreaking issues, but I will see as always things work out to God's glory, that says something without spoiling the ending.

I moved my writing area into the living area the other day, because I actually like being part of the action and it seems I work better in here, instead of tucked away in some corner.  I don't know, but I have been more productive over the past week.

I am waiting for the copies I ordered of my latest published book Shadows From Our Past, which was released in September, to get here.  What is it about a writer waiting to hold her books in her hands, that builds as much excitement and anticipation as a child waiting to open their presents on Christmas morning?  This is my seventh book and the excitment is still there.  I guess that excitement never really goes away does it?

Anyway I digress.  My friends, family and fellow authors I pray that 2012 is a blessed year for you, and that you see much joy in your lives, as well as success.  May God bless you all, as I know he has me.


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