Friday, January 27, 2012

When God Moves

Don't you just love it when God moves.  I mean really moves. I have been experiencing that lately in my writing and in my life, and I must say I am always at awe.

I know in life their are times that we don't necessarily feel that God is moving in our lives, that somehow we are being given a bad hand, or whatever you want to call it.  I look at myself as a positive person, a person who looks at the blessings in life, who sees what God has given her and I would say I am most definitely blessed, but like everyone else I have those why me moments.  I mean who doesn't?  Can you honestly tell me you have never had a why me moment?  I know I have, but I have also had plenty of those moments when God moves in such an incredible way, I am just dumbstruck by his grace.  I must tell you when that happens it is awesome, and right now I feel that life is pretty blessed things are coming together nicely, because I believe I am doing what God has called me to do.  I am writing what I am supposed to right, and that is my ministry the written word, I work with children too, but my biggest mission field comes through my writing.

And Now I am going new places with my writing, by that I mean I am getting it out their, I have had a Christian publisher express interest in Finding Star, after I sent them my synopsis and first chapter they requested more so I am working my best to make Star shine...I have spent so much time and energy on this book, probably the hardest book I have ever written, but it is so worth it, hearing this story, and knowing someone is interested in it.  An awesome moment that tells me my efforts have not been futile.

Right now I am just so in Awe of God's grace.  I know that this is not an over the night process I have been working nine years and have had seven books published in order to reach this goal, but I know I could not have done it on my own.  It is only by God's Grace I am where I am, and I believe I will continue to grow.

The pics of the books above are of my latest released book Shadows From Our Past!!!!

God Bless

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