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Monday, January 30, 2012

Reaching for Jesus Through the Art Of Fiction

As a writer I am always looking around me for ideas, I have learned to turn any situation into a story, but what I am most passionate about is writing about heroes and heroines who have some kind of imperfection to overcome.  Some kind of disability, Finding Star is no different, but I am not going to get into that right now...

The people in my life are my greatest inspirations though when I write fiction I am not writing about a particular person I am writing with an audience in mind and I want to write something that my dearest friends and mentors would enjoy reading. 

The reason I chose to write mainly about people with disabilities though, or people who have some hardship to overcome because I think more often than not that is not addressed, though their are exceptions.  I guess I got my earliest inspirations from Lurlene Mcdaniel, because of the style I started writing in, I think I have grown since then, but I still admire her talents.

Mysteries are my favorite genre because I love that eliminate of suspense and I write in the Christian Genre because I do not wish to compromise my faith with what I write, instead I want to reach others for Jesus through the art of fiction.

I want to reach out without preaching, my stories are not meant to preach to the reader, but to reach to the reader, to make them question and I pray ultimately turn some who do not believe to the Lord...

In Christs Love

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