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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Review: Abraham

One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith
Charles Swindoll
Copyright 2014

In the introduction to this book Swindoll points out that while each one of us has a unique faith journey Abraham blazed a trail for the rest of us.  Abrahams journey in fact tells us about our own.

Abraham was chosen by God for reasons only known to Heaven.   We are reminded too that although wemay not like waiting, God often rewards us in our waiting.  We are reminded too that every choice we make to follow God's leading involves sacrifice, even if it is only the sacrifice of our own desires. 

Swindoll points out that putting people bon a pedestal is dangerous because people will fall.  It is pointed out that our biggest problem isn't that we don't hear God but it is that we struggle to do what he has commanded.  We are also reminded that even Great Men and Women deal with temptation. 

We are reminded too that when the consequences of sin begin to fall our relationships begin yo suffer.  Swindoll points out that slowing down will prevent us from living a lifetime littered with regrets.  We are also reminded that this world is only temporary God's Kingdom is eternal.

Another important point Swindoll brings out is that we need to set up good Godly examples for the future generation.  We need to lead by example.  We are reminded too that God forgives our sins.

I would recommend this book be added to your collection of books on Christian living and Bible study tools.

Five out of five stars...

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