Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book Review: Immediate Obedience

Immediate Obedience
The Adventure of Tuning In To God
Rod Loy
Copyright 2014

Loy reminds us that every second is infused with possibilities because God can show up and do something miraculous at any given moment.  The author also points out that there are no amazing stories in the Bible that do not include immediate acts of obedience.

We are reminded to that God speaks to us something I think bares repeating.   Another reminder that bares repeating is that God's plan for us is greater than anything we could dream up.  We are reminded too that God needs to be our first priority in our lives and that the Bible is our guide book.  As we grow closer to God we will be able to see what direction the Lord is moving in our lives.

One line that really stuck out to me was this:  God often uses difficulties to get our attention and fertilize our growth.  We are also reminded that when we start actively listening to the voice of God when your tuning into God's frequency you are most likely to hear him.  We are reminded that disobedience can lead  us to many dangerous pitfalls. There is always a cost for obedience but we have the promise that God will reward us if we respond to him in obedience. 

I would definely recommend this book be added to your library, because I believe  it is an important book on why obedience is important. 

I give this book five out of five stars. ..

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