Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Review: Good Morning Mr. Mandela

Good Morning, Mr. Mandela

Zelda la Grange


Viking Adult

Pub Date   Jun 24 2014

The author of this memoir Zelda was born a white AFRIKANNER in 1970 in Johannesburg Africa.  She worked  closely with Nelson Mandela by the time she was in her early 30s.   Growing Up Zelda was raised around the strong prejudiced of the colored people around her.

In 1994 Zelda began working for President Nelson Mandela, but for several months she did not even see him.

We learn in this book how in 2001 Nelson Mandelas health took a turn for the worse because it was that year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

If you are interested at an in depth look into Nelson Mandelas life in this biography of sorts.  

I give this book Five out of five stars...

Happy Reading. ..

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