Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: Writing Great Books For Young Adults

Writing Great Books for Young Adults Everything You Need to Know, from Crafting the Idea to Getting Published Regina Brooks

SOURCEBOOKS (non-fiction)


Pub Date   Oct 1 2014

One powerful piece of advise mentioned in the introduction is to learn from criticism and not to let it weigh you down.  We can't let criticism stop us from living our dreams.  Brooks reminds us too that we should remdmber writing for young adults is not easy and ghat we should not write in a condescending way.

We are reminded too that we should not try to tell to many stories in the same novel.

We are also reminded of the different type of setting in this book.  1.) Realistic. 2.) Fantasy ad 3.) Blended a combination of the authors imagination and realistic.  

If you plan on writing for the young adult market Writing Great Books For Young Adults will definitely be a worthwhile investment.  

Five out of five stars...

Happy Reading and Happy Writing...

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