Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Review: Stand Firm

Stand Firm 48 Life-Guides from Philippians
Dave Branon
Copyright 2014

The first thing Brannon points out in this book that Phillipians is a letter penned by a man who did something bad enough to get him imprisoned. The reason Paul was imprisoned or put under house arrest was that he was spreading the gospel, sharing it with those who needed it.  

Brannon describes prayer as a spiritual discipline that leads to joy and to an amazing connection between us and God.  He points out the dangers of getting wrapped up in what Brannon calls super star Christianity.

We are reminded too of the dangers of over confidence in a singular interpretation of a singular book in the Bible like those who claim to know the exact moment Christ will return.  We are also remined that it is important that we have a Christ like attitude.

I would recommend this book be added to your collection of Bible Study tools.

Five out of five stars for a book that will help you dig deeper into the book of Phillipians. 

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