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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book Review: Touching His Robe

Touching His Robe
Reaching Past The Pain And Anger Of Abuse
Leslie G Nelson
Copyright 2014

A lot of power is packed into this small book.  It would be an invaluable tool for anyone who has suffered abuse.  This book will help you to deal with the shame of abuse.  We are remined that often times when people are saying that they forgot the whole horrible thing that happened to them that in fact they might be repressing the memories, and we are also reminded that being angry about what happened as long as we do not let that anger turn into sin.

This book reminds those  that suffer from abuse they need to forgive and let go, but letting go of abuse is not something that often happens.  

I would recommend this book to victims of abuse and to those who have/had loved ones who were abused.  There is a lot of power pzcked inyo a relatively short number of pages.

I give five out of Stars...

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