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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Review: Captured by Love

Captured By Love
Jody Hedlund
Copyright 2014

Captured By Love takes us to 1814 on Mackinac Island where Americans are being forced to pledge allegiance to the British Crown because the Island has been captured by the British.

Angelique is left in the care of a Tyrant strpfather one who punishes her dimply for eating.  Soon a young woman named Lavina Mcdouall comes into Angeliques life and is determined to make a lady out of her. Miss Mcdouall wants Angelique to stop working around the Inn in order to do more womanly work but Angelique doubts her Stepfather will relieve her of her duties.

Angelique is Bethroethed but her fiance had to flee the Island because he cannot pledge allegiance to the British Crown and because of that staying could have meant death but a man name Pierre has eyes for her and would like to Marry her and get her away from her Tyrant Stepfather who has already nearly killed her.  Pierra happens yo be her fiance brothers and she soon regrets yhe way she kissed him the relationship she had with him and is determined to marry Luke more than ever but will he want to marry her?

Captured by Love is a story of love of forgiveness and of struggling to survive under British Rule it is also the story of one young woman's determination to live the Christian life despite living under the thumbs of a tyrant Stepfather.

Five stars for a book that will transport you back to the earliest 19th century.

Happy reading...

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