Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide
A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War
W. Lee Warren
Copyright 2014

No Place to Hide is the powerful true story of a Brain Surgeon’s journey in the Iraq war.  This book offers a candid account of the things he saw.

W.Lee Warren talks openly about some of the injuries he saw from IEDs as well as other war related injuries he talks about how he had to get used to working in a first class hospital in the states to working in war conditions in Iraq.  

In this book W. Lee shares a few emails home when he talks about the bad guys trying to get in despite 12 feet concrete walls and several check points one time they almost get in but are stopped so they blow themselves uo injuring others in the process but had they got in the damage would bhave been so much worse.

We learn how Doctor Warren not only cared for Soldiers who were injured but Iraqui citizens as well some were the children of those who were simply wanting to vote and some were the bombers themselves. 

Doctor Warren later goes to share of the nightmares that PTSD caused once he got home from the war, how even his children were acutely aware of how the war had chaged him, but we also see a lot of hope in this very real story of the lives saved because he served his country.

Five out of five stars...

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