Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Review: Lifelines For Tough Times

Lifelines for Tough Times
Mike Fabarez
Copyright 2014

This book reminds us that we will go through tough times in our lives but the Lord will be there with us through those times.  It also reminds us not to assume that just because someone is going through ahard time it does not mean that they have some secret sin in their life.  One powerful point this book brings up is that if we are to measure sucess by the avoidance of pain then we are failures because that is not the measure of sucess.

Fabarez reminds us that peopld can be motivated yo live closer to Christ by the way we respond to our challenges.

I believe this book is an important book one that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is going through tough times.  

Five out of five stars for this important book.


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