Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: Nick the Saint

Nick the Saint
Anthony Szpak
Copyright 2013

Nick is orphaned after an accident and is taken in by Fergus who forces him to work from the time he can walk.  When Nick meets a girl named Maggie and tries to run away with her Fergus accuses him of kidnapping and hebis sent to prison on Rykers Island when he is released he is determined to try and put a stop to the forced child labor.

Nick wants to put a stop to Fergus Crank and the way he forces children to work in such horrible condition and he wants politicans to pass a law stopping this from happening but Fergus has the police and the mayor in his back pocket.

When things stop going Fergus way he is determined to put a stop to it even if it means many workers including children are killed and he plans to frame Nick for the crime.

I give this powerful novel about a man determined to make a difference five out of five stars.

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