Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: Messages to Myself

Messages to Myself
Overcoming a Distorted Self-Image
Helen B. McIntosh
Copyright 2009 

Epub edition 2014

Messages to Myself is an important allbeit brief book to anyone who has suffered anyform of depression.   This book is an important reminder that words do have the power to hurt and it also encourages us to write about past hurts.  We are encouraged to use healthy self talk and to encourage our children to do the same and to look to the Bible to remind us that we are created in Gods image. 

I like how we are encouraged to keep a truth chart as well.  This book is full of postive reinforcements that will help us to have a better self image.  

I would recommend Messages to Myself for anyone who needs encouragement.

Five out of five stars...

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