Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Review: A Woman of Fortune

A Woman of Fortune
A Texas Gold Novel Book One
Kellie Coates Gilbert
Copyright 2014

Claire is used to having everything but in  an instant her world is turned upside down when her husband is found guilty of embezzelment and ends up in prison. Claires  very reputation is ruined by her husbands crime but she is not the only one affected their children are as well.  When Claire finxs out she could be charged as well in a crime she knew nothing about she worries even more. Finally after receiving a letter from her husband on her birthday she decides she cannot take it anymore and asks for a divorce.

Its a hard pill to swallow when Claire realizes that all the money she thought was rightfully theirs was actually money Tucker bilked from the investors and she feels as if all eyes are on her that people blame her for something she knew nothing about.

Claire soon finds out that her worth is not measured by how much money she has.  She soon learns what it is to go without the security she has grown used to.

If you like stories of betrayal of forgiveness of overcoming then A Woman of Fortune is a book I would most definitely recommend. 

Five out of five stars for a wonderful book...

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