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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Review: In the Field of Grace

In the Field of Grace
Tessa Afshar
Copyright 2014

In the Field of Grace is a fictionalized account of Ruth and Naomi.  It starts in the early days of their friendship before Ruth married her Son.  This novel is the story of one daughter in laws devotion even after her husband as God it is a story of faith and courage because Ruth had the courage to abandon everything she knows to follow Naomi and to follow God.

Tessa Afshar takes us back to the story of Ruth and Naomi.  It shows us of the power of a daughter in laws devotion.  It reminds us to of the power of faith because Ruth abandoned everything she knew to follow the faith of her Mother in law.  She risked a lot to follow the God of Jerusalem. 

Five stars for a book that transports you back to the time of Ruth and Naomi...

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