Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Review: Take Back the Morning

Take Back the Morning
Evan Howard
Copyright 2014

Evan Howard crafts a novel that is full of suspense from the very first page.

Take Back the Morning is the story of a corrupt stockbrocker named Justin Connely a man that is believed to have died on September 11 2001 but twenty months later it was discovered that was not the case.

It is discovered thathe has been living under an assumed name in Providence for the past 20 months.

Tori has moved on with her life shes been  dating a man named Paul for the past nine months. She has moved on but knowing Justin is alive confuses her.  How could he stay hidden so long?

There is a fantasy aspect to this Romantic thriller as well when Justin talks about a magical pendant that ultimately would lead to his salvation.   

If you are a fan of Romantic thrillers as I am then I would recommend Take Back the Morning.

Five Stars for an excellent book.

Happy Reading...

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