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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review: A Heart For Freedom

A Heart For Freedom
The Remarkable Journey of a Young Dissident Her Daring Escape and Her Quest to Free China's Daughters
Chai Ling

Copyright 2011

A Heart For Freedom by Chai Ling is the story of one young womans searvh for freedom in China innthe days leading up to the Tianmen Square massacre.  This book talks about the early days of her education and some of the harsh discline she both witnessed and received.  She talks about the dangers of even believing in God in communist China as well as being drugged and raped by a man she looked up to in College but despite reporting it on campus the incident is never investigated which helps her to open her eyes to the need for change. 

Chai Ling falls in love with a man named Feng in college a man who is marked but he opens her eyes to the need for changes in Chinese society at the time.  When Chai Ling comes home for a short break she discovers that her Mother had a nervous break down but her Father seems to underplay the seriousness of  the situation.

In 1988 the year before the events of Tianmen square Chai Ling and Feng were married. 

Chai Ling was at Tianmen Square to deliver food and water but within a few hours she would be forever changed she is chased down by the police treated like an animal.

This book not only chronicles the story of a young woman who was very active at Tianmen square who experienced first hand the violents there it also tells of the onr child policy and the abortions that were forced upon many woman resulting in an alarming amount of suicides every year.

Chai Lings story is a story of determination of faith and of standing up to make changes in a society that needed the change.

Five stars for a wonderful book...

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