Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: Maybelle In Stitches

Maybelle in Stitches
Quilts of Love Series
Joyce Magnin
Copyright 2014

Maybelle In Stitches takes us back to World War Two where Maybelle works as a welderette.  Her husband Holden is off fighting the war and she misses him like crazy.  Her job as a welder keeps her busy and helps her to feel as if she is doing her part for the war effott.

Maybelle begins to feel serious concern when time passes and she is  forced to deal with her Mothers sudden death without Holden.

While going through her Mothers things she finds a quilt her Mother had started for her before she died and telks her friend Doriss about the quilt and Doriss encourages her to finish it the only problem is she does not know how to sew and shes not hurt her heart is in it because not only is her Mother dead but she received a telegram saying her husband was missing in action.  Doriss insists working on the quily is important and that a long with her faith will help her through this.  Doriss even organizes friends to help.

Soon it is Doriss who receives news of her husband Michael's death in the line of duty and Maybelle is the one helping her through now.  Making this quilt will help to serve as a way to heal for both of them.

The end of this wonderful story will leave you pleasantly surprised I know it did me and the entire book is a great read so I would recommend you get your copy of Maybelle In Stitches ASAP.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading. ..

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