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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: Pieces Of Someday

Pieces of Someday
One Woman's Search for Meaning in Lawyering, Family, Italy, Church, and a Tiny Jewish High School
Jan Vallone
Copyright 2013

In Pieces of Some Jan Vallone shares what it was like growing up with a perfectionist Father.  We learn of Jan's desire to please her Father by trying yo follow the path he choose for her, but also she shows us how unsatisfied that makes her feel.  It tells of how she spent years not feeling satisfied in her career as an attorney until she realizes what she really desires is to be an English Teacher.  She loved reading and did some writing growing up.  After her daughter struggles through school though she begins to realize her desire to be a teacher.

Becoming a teacher seemed to be a natural progression for her perhaps it was because her Mother wss a teacher but it was also something deeper than that.

We learn to of how she and her husband Mark adopt two kids after she is unable to get pregnant first Cristin then Sean.

Jan shares about how out of place she felt sometimes growing up in a mostly Jewish neighborhood and going to a school that was mostly Jewish despite being Italian Catholic but she would later come to teach in a Jewish High School.

I give this book five out of five stars for its candid honesty and its in depth look at one womans struggle to find who she is.

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