Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Review: How to Write Anything

How to Write Anything
Laura Brown
Copyright 2014

How to Write Anything is a collection of invaluable articles fof authors snd students alike.  This book covrrs everything from writing the Personal Essay to writing text messages an even shows you how to properly write a thank you message.

Laura Brown puts together a book evrry household shoulf hsve a book that shows you how to anf how not to craft everything from a Wedding Announcement to a personal blog. It covers everything from organizing to writing the final draft.

Brown includes a section on writing and notetaking fof both High School and College students.  There is even sections in this boom that show us how to avoid Plagarism.

What makes How to Write Anything such an invaluable too for anyone it does not only show you how to write but it shows you how not to write.

Five Stars for this invaluable book.

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