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Friday, June 20, 2014

It Takes Courage

Being in an author is something that takes bravery.  It may not seem that way to everyone perhaps they have this glories version of Danielle Steel sitting in a home in a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood not thinking of the hours she poured into her works now I am not comparing my writing to Danielle Steels I am a different kind of writer altogether.  I am saying that everyone an author publishes a book it Takes a bit of courage and over time we learn to take the criticism that comes along with that in a matter of stride.

I have a passion for what I do the stories I tell and in some way I think that in itself gives me a measure of courage and certainly my Faith I believe without a shadow of doubt the Lord guides my pen and that gives me the courage to push my limits and it gives me the strength to overcome the blows.

As a writer I am also an observer and always on the look out for inspiration its a good thing that we are surrounded by inspiration.  But I also know that not everything is meant to be written about.

I began writing when I was a Freshmen in high school at least that is when I began writing seriously but then I rarely showed my work to anyone my Freshmen English teacher being one exception and she encouraged me to work on my writing and even to begin submitting it, it took a couple of years for me to find the courage to do that but eventually I became more confident in myself and my gift.

Michelle Kidwell

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