Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Review: Kiriath's Quest

Kiriath's Quest
Rick Barry
Copyright 2008

For those who like fantasy I think Kiriath's Quest will fit the bill.

Prince Kiriath and his father King Jekoniah are being attacked by Grishnaki. Prince Kiriath has escaped but King Jekoniah has not fared as well.  Xandria is given a week to meet the Grishnakis demand or they will kill the king.  Kiriath and his friend Brand devide to go rescue King Jekoniah. 

Will Prince Kiriath and his friend be able to rescue King Jekoniah or will they all be killed in the attempt? 

The adventure in this book is non stop.

For young and old Fantasy lovers Kiriath's Quest is a must read.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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